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  • A-B 1305-BA01A-HA2 | 1305 AC Drive Series | Variable Speed Drive

A-B 1305-BA01A-HA2 | 1305 AC Drive Series | Variable Speed Drive

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06 / 12 / 2023
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Detail A-B 1305-BA01A-HA2 | 1305 AC Drive Series | Variable Speed Drive

The Allen-Bradley 1305-BA01A-HA2 is a variable speed drive. It is a member of the Allen-Bradley 1305 AC Drive series. As indicated by its catalog number, it has a nominal current rate of A01 and a digital up-down keys type (HA2) of Human Interface Modulation (HIM). The HIM has 7 different modes: the Display Mode for viewing any of the parameters, the Process Mode for configuring or programming parameters with text and scaling, the Program Mode that lists all the available parameters for programming, the EEPROM Mode which resets all parameters to the factory default settings.

The Search Mode which allows the user to search for those parameters which are not at their default values, the Control Status Mode for disabling/enabling the [Logic Mask] parameter which in turn allows the HIM to be removed while the power is applied and it provides access to a fault queue which will list the last 4 faults that have occurred. The 1305-BA01A-HA2 displays the “Trip” status to the actual fault that tripped the device; The password provides security for the drive parameters that only authorized personnel can access. The password can be any five digit number between 00000 and 65535.

The input ratings for the 1305-BA01A-HA2 include 3-phase input voltage and it has a value of 380-460V AC with a frequency input of 50-60 Hz. These inputs have operational ranges of 340-500V AC and 47Hz-63Hz. The input kVA has a value of 0.9 with a power dissipation of 21W.

The device has a 97.5% efficiency rating and a 0.8 lagging for its power factor (displacement). It has an output rating for the 3-phase motor of 0.37kW or 0.5 HP. It has an output current of 1.3A for the drive amp and 1A for the bypassed amp if a bypass is included in the purchase. The output voltage is adjustable from 0V to the desired input voltage and a programmable output frequency that ranges between 0-400 Hz. The ScanPort load can reach up to 250mA if all adapters are combined. The AC Dynamic Braking Torque is 100% without the external resistor and 150% if the external resistor is present (actual value will depend on motor characteristics).

The type of enclosure used for the 1305-BA01A-HA2 is a standard IP30 or NEMA 1. The approximate dimensions of this device are 170mm x 95mm x 184.1mm. The 1305-BA01A-HA2 weighs approximately 3.6kg or 8 lb.

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