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Inline Deflagration Flame Arrester
Model SFI
Size : 1" ~ 16"
Available Material : Carbon Steel, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel.
Flange Connection : ANSI 150, ANSI 300, JIS 10K, JIS 5 K
Construction :
This product is designed and manufactured in rugged construction for extended life.
Unitized design with jackscrews for easy inspection and maintenance.
The standard body constructions are available in A216-WCB (Carbon Steel), A351-CF8 (SS304),
A351-CF8M (SS316), and B26-319.F (Aluminum) materials suitable for most environments.
Cast carbon steel bodies are supplied in Epoxy finish coated, and stainless steel bodies are
supplied in naturally uncoated.
Standard sizes range are from 1” to 16”, and available upon request.
Flanges are ANSI, JIS, and DIN standard, and other designs are available upon request.
The standard flame cell is suitable for NEC group D or IEA IIA gases.
Cells for other gas groups are available as additional extras.
Periodic inspections, maintenances, and replacements of the element is easily accomplished by
simply removing tie-bolts and expanding the remaining jack screws.
Once the upper and lower body sections are expanded, the element is easily removed with the
aid of a handle.
For distances or gas classifications outside these limits, the detonation arrester should be used.
Proper application of flame arresters is crucial for plant safety.
# Inline Flame Arrester
# Flame Arrester
# Deflagration Flame Arrester
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