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Lead-Free Soldering Pot
Model : CM-161
Merk : CMW
Origin : China
# Specification :
- Model : CM-161
- Temperature Range : 0 ~ 600 Deg C
- Power : 1.000 Watt
- Voltage : 220 AC, 50 Hz
- Melting In Quantity : 5.7 Kg
- External Dimension : 397L x 205W x 120H mm
- Tin Pot Size : 160 x 110 x 45 mm
- Heating Way : External Heat
# Characteristic :
- CM series of lead-free titanium melting furnace is configurated with
high-power exothermic core, the lead-free tin bar can be rapidly melted,
only about 25 minutes from room temperature to 450 Deg C
- The microcomputer ship intelligent control is adopted, dual digital display,
visual and clear, high heat sensitive, rapid return temperature and quick
temperature compensation
- The lead-free tin pot is made on the imported titanium materials, high
temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, durability
- The data setting of the tin furnace is used the direct imput by the touch key,
simple and accurate
# Summary :
CM series of titanium lead-free melting-tin furnace developed by the company,
have passed the authority SGS environmental protection certification, absolute
environment protection with lead free. The customers can safely use them.
The tin pot of this products is used the import titanium material and corresponding
production techniques and preheat platform uses aluminium, equipped with the
microcomputer chip PID intelligent control, has the characteristic such as safe and
reliable, stable performance, high accuracy and soon, it is the indispensable ideal
tool of the electronic wire industry production area.
# Working Environment :
- Working Voltage : AC 220V +/- 10V
- Working Temperature : 0 ~ 55 Deg C
- Humidity : < 90% RH non-condension
# Lead-Free Soldering Pot
# Lead-Free Solder Pot
# Soldering Pot
# Solder Pot
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# CM-161
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