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22 / 12 / 2021
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Code 807588
Battery Charger Complete With Start Facilities
Model : Telwin Pulse 50
Merk : Telwin
Origin : Italy
# Specification :
- Single Phase Voltage
- Input Voltage : 230V AC
- Mains Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz
- Output Voltage : 6V & 12V & 24V DC
- Effective Charging Current : 45/45/23 Amp
- Start Current : 70 Amp
- Min. Rated Reference Capacity : 10 Ah
- Max. Rated Reference Capacity : 600 Ah
# Description :
6/12/24V electronic, automatic battery charger for WET,GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL,
START-STOP batteries, for automatic charging/maintenance (PULSE TRONIC),
for recovering sulphated or very low batteries and vehicles start aid.
It is very easy to use, thanks to the automatic recognition of the type of battery,
and the presence of a user-friendly keypad.
The innovative Power Stream technology guarantees better performance,
up to 50% more than traditional battery chargers thanks to more effective and
complete control of the charging process, to notably faster charging times and
maintenance of the optimal battery conditions, which guarantee a longer working life.
The Pulse Tronic technology guarantees optimal battery charging over 8 phases
which test, monitor, increase and maintain the charge state.
# Features:
- Automatic charging/maintenance, BOOST quick charge and START aid
- SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) Technology
- Pulse Tronic charge with pulsed charge holding
- LED signalling of the charge state, end of charge and protection intervention
- Sulphated battery recovery selection
- Clamps not powered if disconnected from the battery - anti-spark device, protection
against short-circuits, polarity reversal, overvoltage at input and faulty battery.
- Fit with PFC device.
# Battery Charger & Starter
# Battery Charger
# Charger
# Starter
# Charger Baterai
# Alat Pengisi Baterai atau Accu
# Fasilitas Start
# Fasilitas Boost
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